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Aloe Vera Original The High Performance Toothpaste for a naturally healthier mouth More than just clean teeth   Press information [Press release-Aloe-Vera-Original.pdf] 3 248,646 kB

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Mild toothpaste with Aloe vera and protective fluoride   File info: Press release [Press release-Aloe-Vera-Original.pdf] 1 104,130 kB

AVO - Mer än rena tänder

More than just clean teeth

A Swedish toothpaste that looks to the well-being of the whole mouth, not just the teeth. Aloe Vera Original The High Performance Toothpaste combines a high level of Aloe vera together with a verified and

Where can I buy it?

Aloe Vera Original The High Performance Toothpaste is sold by your dentist, Dental Hygienist or Dental Clinic. The toothpaste can be ordered by your dentist via Gama Dental on the phone number +46 (8)19 94 00.


Vitamins and minerals are of paramount importance, but there are also other substances that are equally important. Aloe vera provides a variety of these substances and can thus stimulate the immune system back

Aloe Vera composition

The Aloe gel contains a diversity of vitamins. The most important are the antioxidants – the vitamins C, E and Beta carotene – the precursor of vitamin A. Aloe vera is also one of the few plants that contain

Aloe vera gel – the synergistic effect

Aloe vera contains a large array of nutrient ingredients whose combined effect and equilibrium yield a more powerful effect than can be expected when looking at the ingredients individually. The ingredients in

History and Certification

There are more than 240 different varieties of Aloe vera and they grow mainly in the dry regions of Africa, Asia, Europe and America. Four species are considered to have very nutrient rich content, of which

Filosofin bakom Aloe Vera Original – The Performance Toothpaste

Philosophy behind Aloe Vera Original

Aloe Vera Original The High Performance Toothpaste is developed to be used by everyone for their daily toothbrushing. All ingredients have been carefully selected from a health and environmental perspective.


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