More than just clean teeth

Mild toothpaste with Aloe vera and protective fluoride

A Swedish toothpaste that looks to the well-being of the whole mouth, not just the teeth. Aloe Vera Original The High Performance Toothpaste combines a high level of Aloe vera together with a verified and proven fluoride protection.

The toothpaste is made to be used by everyone in their daily toothbrushing. The high fluoride content provides an excellent protection against caries. In addition, the toothpaste has several bonus effects that have beneficial effects on the oral health.

The toothpaste has been tested by dental professionals and clinics since 2006 with good results and many of those who use the toothpaste have experienced improved oral health. Aloe Vera Original The High Performance Toothpaste has been shown to have a positive effect on mouth blisters, aphthous ulcers. It has also proven beneficial for those suffering from Oral lichen planus (a skin disease that causes severe itching in the oral cavity) and the fungal disease Oral candidiasis, says Peter Hådén, CEO at Hådéns Dental Original Products.