Toothpaste’s origin

Aloe Vera Original – The High Performance Toothpaste, with 1400 ppm fluoride (as sodium monofluorophosphate, SMFP), started to be produced in 2006. The fluoride concentration has recently been increased to 1500 ppm.

We first got indications from a dental hygienist, Marianne Andersson, who had observed aloe vera´s positive effect on gingivitis. We also talked with our customers here in Gothenburg, who gave us good advices what a good toothpaste should contain.

We also contacted Professor Dowen Birkhed at the dental school in Gothenburg regarding the issue combining aloe vera and fluoride. After some consideration, he informed us that it would not be a problem to combine fluoride and aloe Vera if using SMFP.

So therefore there was no hesitation starting the production of “Aloe Vera Original – The High Performance Toothpaste” with fluoride.

We were also excited that a research team at Folktandvården, Södra Älvsborg , performed a study on gingivitis with our product. The study has been published in Swedish Dental Journal 2012 (“The effect of a toothpaste containing aloe vera on established gingivitis”).

Many patients suffer to varying degrees of afte. Our ambition is that the dental school here in Gothenburg will carry out a study in the near future regarding afte.

“Aloe Vera Original – The High Performance Toothpaste” consists of 45% aloe vera and 1400 ppm fluoride as well as other supporting quality-ingredients.